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Business Intelligence

Voice of the Customer

source: Shop’n Chek Argentina

The purpose of every “Voice of the Customer” program is to gather information about your customer’s perceptions and experiences during the buying process and transform these insights into improvement actions and permanent progress. [Download]

Operational Excellence

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Be exceptional. At what matters the most. Every time. At every location. To ensure your stores and staff are reflecting your brand’s promise and values, you need a consistent and objective perspective on what is actually happening at your stores. [Download]


source: Shop’n Chek Argentina

MobiAudit@SnC360 is a multipurpose survey and data collection platform that enables easy, instant and accurate information, which can be used on notebooks, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices. [Download]


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Surveo@SnC360 is a simple and enjoyable platform for survey development. Its visually appealing design and friendly environment involves respondents on an emotional level, resulting in more genuine responses. [Download]

Better Together - Integrating Customers Feedback and Mystery Shopping Data

source: market force information

As the customer experience becomes more and more of a competitive differentiator and consumers become increasingly demanding, forward-thinking companies need to provide their customers with the perfect customer. [Download]

Banks And Financial Entities

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Viewing your business from the customers’ perspective will enable you to gain its loyalty and trust, and it will also impact your company's financial results. Know what your customers think at each operating branch. [Download]

Smiling Report 2013

source: Shop’n Chek Argentina

Mystery Shopping Providers in Africa, Asia, Europe, North- and South America have participated in the Smiling Report 2013. The report compiles customer service data from evaluations conducted across a spectrum of industries during 2012. The summary for the year 2012 is based on answers to more than 2 million questions covering Smile, Greeting and Add-on sales in 57 countries. 78% of the customers received a smile, 84% of the customers were greeted while only 56% received an add-on sales suggestion. However, most figures are higher than in many years. [Download]